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"Prevention is #1. If something happens, the immediate reaction is what went wrong, and what can we change going forward so that this doesn't happen again. I see value in Pillar's system because it can provide information to help understand what is going on."

– Director of Risk Management, Prominent Global Construction Firm

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Our Technology

Predicting and preventing damage is what we do. Through the use of on-site sensors, our company monitors for destructive environmental conditions such as fire outbreaks, high humidity exposure, and mold growth. These damages serve as major sources of revenue loss for general contractors and insurance companies alike.

Risk Reduction

Access to real-time information and alerts ensures destructive conditions are detected and avoided.

Forecasting Failure

Predictive analytics drive process change in building strategy and management with information gathered from accident-prone situations.

Insurance Optimization

Contractors can take control of their insurance policies with powerful, proactive information, reducing overall accident claims and improving transparency across all layers of management.

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