The Pillar Experience

At Pillar we realize that running a construction company is hard. That's why we've created a process that is easy. Pillar works with your team and provides an end to end experience, allowing your team to focus on completing the project on-time and on-budget and providing you with the competitive edge you need.

Understanding Needs
Assessment of Project

Pillar works with project team to understand unique needs of project

Pillar creates deployment plan based on project requirements

Connect your Site
Smart Sensors collect field data

Pillar assists project team in the deployment of the smart sensors and wireless network

Pillar on-boards your site team to the web-based Elements Platform software package

Customized alerts and thresholds are configured for your specific project

Build Intelligently
Insights and Analytics fuel growth

Real-time alerts protects your projects from damages

Reduce paperwork and insurance claims

Proactively reduce risk and prevent project setbacks