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    Heavy Duty Housing

    Durable, built for wear and tear

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    Silicone Strap

    Secure pods to various materials, like pipes and 2x4's

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    Suspension Strap

    Silicone strap to hang on fasteners

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    Magnet Mounts

    For ferrous materials

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    Various Mounting Methods

    Sensor perfectly slots into a 2 x 4

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    High Visibility

    Neon yellow



Smart, wireless, rugged sensors designed for construction.

  • 1 year battery life
  • Cellular-connected system
  • 8 metrics, one pod
  • Easily see trends that effect jobsite performance and safety
  • View sensor data by location
  • Understand system health with a glance across all buildings
  • Engage with sensors directly on your floorplans

Automatically captures, analyzes and makes data actionable

  • Drill in view by site, floor, sensor
  • Customize reporting, delivered to your inbox with a click
  • Create and adjust alerts based on your projects needs


Notifications by text, email, phone

  • Improved response times
  • Multiple team members reached instantly
  • Add as many users and customize who gets what


Demo Pillar

Hear what our customers are saying

“I’ve never used an easier IOT Solution.”

Ankoor Amin, Head of IOT

“We use this data to assure engineers that the humidity is exactly what they expected 24/7.”

Mike Izzo, Senior PM

” I guarantee that my site would not be as clean if we were not using the Pillar system. They know we are watching. Now I am seeing workers use vacuums, chop saw covers and more to keep the dust down. I’ve never seen a contractor try so hard to keep clean.”

Paul Dietel, Director of Capital Programs
Harvard Business School

“I’m on a ski lift in Vermont, I get a text notification that the temp heater is acting up. I’m able to call our guy near the site and take action before I get off the lift. That one save made the whole system worth it. I’d have had burst pipes by the end of the weekend.”

Brendan O’Connor, Site Superintendent
Northpoint II

“The City of Emeryville, CA was reluctant to let our project team start drywalling because of high moisture. I took several sensors data and showed them the printouts. I let them look at the data, the distribution of our pods and Pillar’s product literature. They found our readings to be credible and granted an exception to the building code to let us install drywall earlier.”

Joe Marilley, Head Superintendent
Avalon Bay


Protect you and your clients’ from the messiness of construction.

Get real-time TXT alerts and a historical data records about dust, humidity, temperature and more.  Protect your site from risks that can ruin your schedule, your budget and your reputation for building some of the worlds most advanced projects. Advanced tech clients are in the data business 24/7 and expect the same from you.


Multi-tenant jobsites deserve a new level of remote monitoring, one that uses AI to predict Fire, Mold and Flooding before it happens.

Get real-time TXT alerts when changing conditions on a jobsite add up to the threat of fire, mold or flooding. Pillar’s network of wireless sensors use edge computing in combination with AI to keep you and your clients’ projects safe, on time and on budget.


Monitor jobsite environments to protect sensitive populations from the messiness of construction

Get real-time mission critical TXT alerts about dust, carbon monoxide, humidity, temperature that not only threaten the jobsite but may put active spaces at risk outside the jobsite.