The Norton Museum
West Palm Beach, FL

The Challenge

With only temporary HVAC systems battling southern Florida heat and humidity, Gilbane needed a smarter way to understand real time environmental conditions.

The Solution

Gilbane leveraged Pillar’s environmental monitoring to understand their jobsite and improve the process. Pillar sensors are easily moveable allowing Gilbane to be dynamic in how they monitored spaces during construction phases.

The Value

Gilbane identified over air conditioned galleries causing condensation. Cooling systems and dehumidification systems were added tactically to areas under renovation. Access points were adjusted after looking at data fluctuations.

Most importantly the Pillar system facilitated significant cost savings – temporary AC systems were removed and artwork was installed into gallery spaces ahead of schedule.

Gilbane has chosen to twice extend this contract with Pillar.


South West Medical
Oklahoma City, OK

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