Avalon Bay
Public Market
Emeryville, CA

AvalonBay Public Market Parcel D is the first in a four building multifamily residential project.

117 units deployed over 5 floors

The Avalon team, ahead of schedule, was held up by a building inspector unconvinced of humidity conditions in the building. The inspector refused to let the team start to install sheetrock in order to let the building dry out.

The Avalon team presented the inspector with a map of the Pillar pods (117 units deployed over 5 floors) and historical reports of humidity at selected locations. Displaying real-time and historical humidity readings in a clear digestible manner convinced the inspector to provide a code exception. The team kicked off the rock process and stayed ahead of schedule.


Norton Museum
West Palm Beach, FL

Learn how Gilbane used Pillar to protect artwork and building integrity while renovating a museum in humid South Florida.